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Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?

Vietnamese escort girls speak English

Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?

Everyone gapes when two of them take off their silk robes to reveal they are wearing two-piece bikinis. ‘Those bikini girls are Vietnamese,’ Mummy Molly says. ‘Hong Hanh on the right, twenty-two years old, Bach Yen, left, twenty-three years old. The other three girls are locals. All girls give bathroom service.’

‘Can the Vietnamese speak English?’ Charles asks, while Ivan removes his spectacles, wipes them with his handkerchief, puts them back to ogle at the Vietnamese girls, and then dabs his forehead.

‘Yes, basic English and Mandarin. Sing English and Chinese songs, no problem.’

Endowed with a 33-26-34 figure, Hong Hanh is five-feet three, and has a flat nose. She is wearing a high-waisted bikini bottom to conceal the baby fat on her tummy. Broad-jowled Bach Yen, crowned with a messy mop of blond hair, pouts her full lips. Attired in a high-cut bikini bottom, she strikes a pose sideways to display well-toned glutes.

A porcelain-skinned girl, with a nose that seems a mile long, has on a red miniskirt and a black bustier top. Her slender legs, looking like bamboo poles, end in three-inch heels that bring her height to six feet. An unfortunate choice of clothes as it emphasized her rather flat chest. ‘That’s Chen Chen, a former model.’ A brown-skinned girl, clad in a tank top and flashing a 200-watt grin, brings her hands to her waist to draw attention to her curvy figure and cocks her hip. ‘Linda, twenty-five years old, she loves singing, gives good service,’ the mamasan says. Next, she points to a fair-skinned GRO of five feet five, who has a skin-tight t-shirt rolled upward to expose her washboard tummy. Her false eyelashes are so long and thick she can barely lift her upper eyelids, and wavy, shoulder-length hair frames her oval face. Her low-waist, cut-off jeans short reveal smooth, satiny flesh. ‘That’s Monica, she speaks very good English.’ The last girl, squaring her broad shoulders and smiling, has hairy arms and legs. She has a high nose and curly eyelashes, and long tresses frame her face. ‘Her name’s Banita, Bengali mooi (girl).’

Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?

Charles and I are leaning back on the sofa, while Ivan is sticking his head forward like a tortoise protruding its head from its shell. Silence reigns for ten seconds or slightly more. Mummy Molly, sensing indecision on our part, says: ‘The Vietnamese girls are vulgar, daring, and their bathroom service is cheaper.’

‘How safe is the bathroom service?’ Charles asks. ‘What happens if there’s a raid?’

‘We’ve an alert system set up. The lights come on and a siren goes off for a few seconds so that our customers have a bit of warning.’

Charles points to Hong Hanh and nods his head. She settles beside him, tosses her dressing robe beside her, and puts an arm over his neck.

Ivan says: ‘I want Chen Chen.’ The tall lassie smiles, and sinks gracefully on the sofa.

I shake my head, and the rest of the party leaves the room.

We select a long list of songs, and the GROs load them using the remote control. Ivan and Chen Chen kick off with ‘Too Much, Too Little, Too Late’, and Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams appear on the screen. Everyone applauds when the song ends.

Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?

While I am crooning an English oldie, Charles slides forward to the edge of the settee and Hong Hanh monoeuvres from her seat to wrap her knees around his waist. Slowly, she grinds her hip against him, pressing her cheek against his. His traces his fingers up and down her spine, occasionally fondling her bum. They remain in this position to belt out the duet ‘When I Fall in Love’. Hong Hanh knows the lyrics by heart, and doesn’t need to look at the screen. Another song later, Charles and Hong Hanh enter the washroom, while Ivan and I take an intermission to eat and drink. My eyebrows shoot up and my muscles tighten when the bathroom door starts rattling in its frame in the silence of the karaoke room! The staccato noise reminds me of a Taoist priest repeatedly hitting a small gavel on a hardwood sound-block while chanting liturgies. Charles and his partner emerge almost thirty minutes later, breathing heavily, and I go in to take a piss. The couch is no longer against the wall. It has been rattled six inches away!

The karaoke singing continues for half an hour and during a short interval between successive songs, Ivan announces, ‘Now it’s my turn to use the bathroom with Chen Chen.’ He leads her inside. Charles and I resume our singing, drowning all sounds, if any, from the washroom.

When Ivan appears after a mere twenty minutes, I tell him the first button of his shirt is buttoned in the wrong hole, and Chen Chen giggles and playfully slaps his shoulder. After more than two hours of singing and swigging beer, and, for Ivan and Charles, rough horseplay with their companions, we pay the bill and get up to leave. Inebriated, Ivan stands on the coffee table so he can reach Chen Chen’s lips to kiss her, and Charles and Hong Hanh embrace like lovers.

We dawdle to the car. ‘Where shall we go next?’ I ask Charles.

‘SS Karaoke. Near Imbi Road.’

As it is close to midnight, the traffic is light, so I speed towards the city.

‘Slow down, buddy,’ Charles says, exhaling the stale smell of hops. ‘No need to rush, they close at 3 am. There may be police speed-traps along this stretch.’

Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?

Within thirty minutes, I swerve my jalopy into the driveway of a modern commercial tower, stop at its entrance and hand it over to a valet. The lift whisks us to SS Karaoke on the sixth floor, which has a standard setup. Charles requests for the mamasan who leads us inside a room and switches on the lights.

‘Only three hostesses available, the rest are booked,’ the mamasan says. She looks like somebody’s grandmother.

‘Does any one of them do a striptease show?’ Charles asks. The mamasan hesitates for a moment, and he continues, ‘My friend has been here before. That’s how I know got this service.’

‘Two girls can, Suzie and Mas. Excuse me, I’ll get them.’ She returns with two brown-skinned lasses whose lips are painted glossy red.

The mamasan puts her hand on the shoulder of one GRO, and pats her a few times. ‘Suzie,’ she says. Then she points with a rakish tilt of her chin to the other girl. ‘She’s Mas.’ Suzie’s long hair deflects the roundness of her face. She is dressed in a cream, short-sleeved shirt and an orange miniskirt. Her well-proportioned figure, a 34-23-34, in her five-foot-three frame is like a bomb exploding sex appeal. A head taller than Suzie, Mas has a long face and sports a chin-length bob that make her face look wider. Both girls have artistic hair stylists, I conclude.

‘Okay, we book Suzie,’ Charles says.


Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?
Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?
Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?
Can the Vietnamese escort girls speak English?


Charles try The Vietnamese girls in Karaoke bars in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The Vietnamese girls are vulgar, daring, and their bathroom service is cheaper. Can the Vietnamese speak English? - Of course!


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